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on Technical Regulation in Russia
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Consortium «Kodeks». Legislation, comments, consultations, judicial practice

United line of the Techexpert Information Network information and software products

Classifiers of Russia


Classifiers of Russia is a reference system including all-Russia and multinational classifiers. Utilization of classifiers comprising technical-economic and social information affords to solve the problem of cross sectoral data flow, nomenclatures and classifiers unification. All classifiers are divided into groups in accordance with types of information.


All-Russian classifiers are focused on technical-economic and social objects in such fields of economic operation, as statistics, finance, banking, bookkeeping, standardization, certification, products manufacturing, services, customs and commerce.


Norms, Rules and Standards of Russia


The user of Norms, Rules and Standards of Russia reference system accesses normative-technical documents with technical requirements to enterprises of all industry sectors of national economy. Presently this is a most comprehensive library of norms, rules and standards effectual in Russian Federation, including national standards (GOST, GOST R), construction norms and rules (SNiP, SP, SN, VSN, RSN), territorial construction norms (TSN), sanitary norms and rules (SanPiN, SP), norms and rules of regulatory agencies (PB, RD, NPB), documents of budgeted regulatoy system in construction (GESN, FER, GSN, ERER) and other documents. Technical classifier in this system is developed on the basis of All-Russian Classifier of Standards (OKS).


Given product is an essential solution for major and average enterprises carrying multi-profile activities or specializing in certain field.


Techexpert: Ecology. Prof


Techexpert: Ecology. Prof system contains normative, methodological, and reference information on wide range of issues covering protection and usage of natural resources in Russia.  The system is intended for professionals in environmental management, managers responsible for maintenance of ecological standards and rules on industrial enterprises, designers working on ecological requirements in construction.  The system can also be utilized as an instructional tool in secondary and higher educational institutions with ecological programs.


Among the documents widely represented in this product international treaties can be singled out (conventions, protocols, agreements etc.), such as treaties in international ecological legislation, recommendations adopted by the Helsinki Commission. Effectual normative documents of Russian Federation and former USSR, regulating research, utilization, reproduction and protection of natural resources in Russia, can also be found in Techexpert: Ecology. Prof.


Of special interest in this system are normative-technical and methodological documents regulating rational environmental management in Russia, normative acts on taxation, explanatory documents, as well as detailed references on legislative, executive and court bodies in Russian Federation, involved into solution of environment-oriented issues. Ecological dictionary will help user understand and implement terms in this subject field.


Techexpert: Labor Protection


This reference system is targeted upon specialists in labor protection, safety supervisors and chief executive officers. Regulatory and normative-technical documents in this product cover general issues (state supervision over law abidance in labor protection, industrial injuries and activities on their prevention, responsibility for violation of labor legislation) and special aspects (labor protection in different industry sectors, safety of transport and load lifting gear utilization etc).


Of special interest in the system is Labor protection guide that affords in a matter of second to obtain necessary information on daily duties of labor protection engineer. You need to maintain training or carry drill? Guide includes all information on these issues with references to normative acts and exemplary forms. Labor supervisor has come? The guide will prompt, compliance to which requirements he is going to supervise, which penalties are possible, which exactions should be followed. To forecast possible passage of legal proceedings, user can address partition with court practice on labor protection.


Service «Ask an expert!» is available to all users of this product. Request form and contact data are represented inside the system.


Reform of technical regulation


Reform of technical regulation is a unique product, result of fruitful cooperation between Techexpert Information Network, RUIE Committee on technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment, Federal agency for technical regulation and metrology, The Ministry of Industry and Energy and Pipe industry development fund.


The system contains all necessary information on technical regulations which are developed presently, on opinion letters to these regulations, on the course of their approval and many other essential data. Besides, system contains materials of conferences, seminars, congresses on technical regulation, on foreign and international standardization and certification systems. By viewing this system users can witness the process of technical regulation scrutiny on all stages, from draft to its adoption.


Techexpert: Enterprise and Inspector


This is a complex collection of regulatory and normative-technical documents on cooperation of enterprise representatives with officers of different supervisory authorities. By addressing the system the user can find out which power and responsibilities do supervisory bodies possess, which requirements can be imposed to activity of his enterprise in following fields:


     - fire inspection

     - energy inspection

     - sanitary and epidemiological supervision

     - mines and manufacturing inspection

     - labor protection and occupational safety

     - tax control

     - construction supervision

     - state control and supervision in standardization

     - customs control

     - control in protection of rights.


Techexpert: Enterprise and Inspector is a unique reference source for average and minor enterprises operating in industrial sector, trade, food service, housing and public utilities, logistics, tourism and other trends of activity.


Techexpert: Fire Safety


In this system user will find regulatory and normative-technical acts on common and special requirements to fire safety in buildings, production cycles, supplies. This is an essential tool for specialists in fire safety on the plants and officers of supervisory authorities, that affords both groups efficiently cooperate with each other.


The system illustrates such issues as teaching basics of fire safety, equipage and utilization of fire-fighting means, setting and utilization of fire-fighting alarm systems, requirements to fire-resistance of materials and constructions, to aspects of fire safety provision in different sectors (construction, FES, transport, social and cultural sphere, housing and public utilities etc.).


Service «Ask an expert!» is available to all users of this product. Request form and contact data are represented inside the system.


Techexpert: Product and quality management


This library of regulatory and methodological documents is destined for specialists involved in quality management at the enterprise. The system includes documents that regulate operations in certification and quality management: laws of the Russian Federation, multinational standards and national standards of the Russian Federation, regulatory documents, metrological regulations and recommendations of Russian Gosstandart. Here one will also find general normative documents in quality management - state standards of Russia ISO 9000, which represent authentic texts of international ISO standards of 9000 series.


Of special interest in this product are reference materials made by specialist in quality management, Doctor of Science A.Schadrin. These materials represent analysis of basic terms and notions in quality management, review of methods for quality procurement, study of general legal and practical aspects of certification on the basis of ISO standards.


Lawyer's Assistant: Construction


Lawyer's Assistant: Construction is a unique information source for legal advisors of construction companies. All information in this system is assembled with respect to particular characteristics of construction industry.


This product is arranged as a reference book. Each reference represents classified information on ways forward in this or that situation, which is drawn up in strict accordance with effectual legislation. Since all references are made by experienced lawyers, they do not contain just formal document indexes, but indeed practical information, essential for decision-making.


Each reference in the system is supplemented with tag marks, that include essential corresponding information: «Documents» (tag mark with documents of the Russian legislation); «Experts' Experience» (tag mark with ready-made solutions, derived from practical activities of lawyers of construction companies); «Comments and Consultations» (tag mark with comments from professional newspapers and magazines); «Samples and Forms of Documents» (tag mark with typical forms and samples of juridical and business documents); «Court Practice» (tag mark with acts of court practice on burning issues of construction); «Situations» (tag mark contains links to ready-made juridical consultations on typical legal situations).


Techexpert: Design Engineer's Assistant


Techexpert: Design Engineer's Assistant is targeted upon specialists in design engineering, including engineering designers, architects, project engineers, project architects, chief officers of architectural and constructional departments. The product consists of 3 partitions. The first partition, «Construction design. General issues» illustrates preparation of design documentation for capital construction projects and their parts, organization and execution of state, state ecologic and non-state expertise of project documentation. All references are drawn up on the basis of regulatory and normative-technical acts that cover architectural and constructional design.


Second partition, «Design calculation», highlights basic issues of calculation and design of building constructions. References include general regulations of effectual normative acts, are supplemented with tables, drafts and drawings.


Third partition, «Electronic library of design engineer» contains electronic editions of «Design engineer» series, developed by «Stroyizdat» publishing house and enjoying wide professional renown. These series describe key issues of design engineering and methodology of construction design calculation.


Construction Expert (Strojexpert)


The «Strojexpert» electronic system of normative and technical information is intended for construction enterprises and organizations, construction sector departments and offices, supervision and licensing bodies and building owners.


The database contains normative and legal acts on construction business in the Russian Federation and normative and technical documentation (Construction Norms and Regulations, State Standards, Russian State Standard, Enterprise Standards, All-Russian Construction Norms, Systemic Guidance Norms, Construction Norms, etc.), which determine technical and economic aspects of design and construction. Besides, users of this system obtain access to materials of court practice on issues of construction.


The system possesses Certificate N РОСС RU.СП11.Н00122.


Techexpert: Road Construction


Techexpert: Road Construction is a collection of regulatory acts of Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation (Mintrans), Federal Road Agency (Rosavtodor), normative-technical documents (GOST, SNiP, SN, SP, RSN, VSN), reference, technological information, forms of reporting and samples of documents, which are implemented by organizations involved in road construction. The system is designed for specialists, chief engineers, engineers-technologists, design engineers, laywers, cost consultants, economists, as well as for officers of governmental authorities who are in charge of construction, renovation and maintenance of roads.


Techexpert: Pricing and Budgeting in Construction


This product is destined for cost consultants, economists, chief engineers, engineers-technologists, design engineers and other specialists which require materials on pricing and budgeting in their everyday work.


The product contains normative acts, methodical documents on pricing and budgeting, materials of court practice, articles on practice of state elemental estimate standards, federal and territorial unit rates execution, sample documents and forms of reporting. The product is supplemented with study book «Pricing and budgeting» by I.A.Sinyavsky and N.I.Maneshina, devoted to organization of investment and construction activities on different stages of investment project.


Construction Technologist (Strojtechnolog)



Construction Technologist (Strojtechnolog) electronic reference and consulting system is intended for enterprises and organizations in the construction sector and contains technological and reference information on main issues in construction manufacturing and construction management. Here one will find such strongly sought-for documents, as exemplary operation cards, samples of work production plans, materials for elaboration of own plans, data on present-day materials and equipment in construction.


This product in a unique tool for directors, chief engineers, planning engineers, project engineers, cost consultants, officers in charge of supervision of construction process. Bookkeepers, lawyers, HR managers of construction enterprises will also find essential information with the help of  «Construction Technologist». The system is elaborated in collaboration with Military and Engineering Technical University and Saint Petersburg University of Architecture and Construction.


Service «Ask an expert!» is available to all users of this product. Request form and contact data are represented inside the system.


Construction Resource (Strojresurs)


Wide range of information on construction materials utilized an all stages of construction is represented in Construction Resource (Strojresurs) system. User of this electronic product will receive comprehensive notion which materials can be found on the Russian market, find analogues of the materials, view albums of technical solutions, analyze prices.


The system contains following data on construction materials: application instructions and recommendations, technical requirement cards and technical conditions, physical and mechanical characteristics, certificates, tables with comparisons with analogue materials, coordinates and price lists of manufacturers and suppliers of construction materials.


Construction Resource: Price. Moscow and Moscow region


Construction Resource: Price. Moscow and Moscow region is an electronic reference book with price lists on construction materials in Moscow and Moscow region. With the help of this system user will find suppliers with beneficial prices, make estimate and agree it with project owner or contractor, manufacturer will analyze prices of competitors and manage costs.


The system includes title of the material, name of the manufacturer/supplier, hyperlinks with Construction Resource (Strojresurs) electronic system to obtained additional details on material or manufacturer, actual price lists form manufacturers in Moscow and Moscow region on over 80 000 materials, contacts on more than 200 suppliers.


Exemplary Project Documentation. Building constructions, items and units


The product «Exemplary Project Documentation. Building constructions, items and units» has been successfully launched to the market due to cooperation of Techexpert Information Network with the Center of project production in construction.


The system is designed for construction companies operating on the market of civil and industrial construction, complete overhaul and reconstruction, for design and other organizations (architectural bureaus, engineering design divisions at construction enterprises etc.), for supervisory authorities.


The project includes: data on typical project documentation deployed at designing and construction of buildings and constructions (status, developer, information on exclusion); reference on key technical solutions, technical and economic features of building constructions, items and units in the form of catalogue sheets; design documentation (work drafts).


The system is created on the basis of SK-3 catalogue, which is produced by Center of project production in construction. Documents in the system are represented in the shape of scan-copies that affords user work with materials strictly corresponding printed original.


Service «Ask an expert!» is available to all users of this product. Request form and contact data are represented inside the system.


Exemplary Project Documentation. Engineering networks, gear and constructions


This product is targeted upon organizations in charge of design and fitting of internal and external engineering networks and communications. This solution contains directory leaves and albums of series and projects drafts on the basis of SK-3 Catalogue and typical design projects on the basis of SK-2 Catalogue on engineering networks and construction. Due to cooperation with «Gazproekt» design construction bureau the system includes mostly sough-for series on gas supply.


Exemplary Project Documentation: Electric Power Engineering


Electronic system «Exemplary Project Documentation. Electric Power Engineering» is a unique and constantly updated collection of directory leaves and albums of series and projects drafts on different facilities of electric power industry.


The system includes exemplary projects of buildings and constructions of electric power industry and exemplary series of project documentation on electric power plants, switchboards and substations, electric mains, poles and foundations, supports and portals of electric mains, lines of illumination, telecommunication, as well as on electric equipment and electric networks of buildings and constructions.


Techexpert: Food Industry


 Information product Techexpert: Food Industry contains complete set of documents and information which regulate activity of enterprises and organizations of food industry.


The product is designed for senior executives and deputy directors of enterprises, specialists of production laboratories, specialists of technical departments, line managers that are in charge of production process setup (chief engineer, production manager, specialists of chief engineer service, specialists of production manager service, plant managers etc.), for operational directors and deputy directors, for supply department specialists.


Techexpert: Food Industry consists of several information partitions. Partition «Basis of legal regulation in food industry» contains legal documents of different governmental bodies of Russian Federation which regulate activity of food industry enterprises. These documents cover such issues as collaboration with governmental control and inspective bodies, state control of quality, industrial safety and food distribution, incl. sanitary and epidemiological supervision, bookkeeping, taxation and statistics in food industry, labor relationships in food industry.


Information partition «Norms, rules and standards in food industry» contains normative-technical documents covering issues of standardization and certification in food industry, quality control, sanitary and epidemiological safety of manufacturing process and food microbiology, requirements to products and raw materials, including requirements to their storage, requirements to machines.These documents are national standards of Russian Federation (GOST, GOST R. ST SMEA), documents on sanitary-epidemiological safety in food industry and food microbiology: SanPin (sanitary regulations and standards), SP (standards of enterprises), GN (hygienic normatives), MU, MUK (methodological instructive regulations), industry normatives of technological engineering of food industry plants (VNTP).


Partition «Court practice on issues of activity of food industry enterprises» contains court cases of different instances, addressing issues of food industry sector. Partition includes documents on different types of lawsuits dealing with activity of food industry enterprises.


Samples and forms of documents essential for everyday work of food industry enterprises are stored in partition «Samples and forms of documents for food industry». Collection of samples and forms in this partition eases down everyday work with documents for food enterprise employees. It includes samples and forms of documents on common issues of food industry, as well as issues of state quality control, safety of production and product turnover, certification and standardization, bookkeeping and taxation, labor relationships in food industry.


Techexpert: Mechanical Engineering


Techexpert: Mechanical Engineering represents a collection of normative-technical and reference documents on key trends of activity of mechanical engineering enterprise in the Russian Federation.


The product is designed for technical specialists of mechanical engineering plants, for consumers of machinery products, as well as for operation and maintenance organizations. Most comprehensive representation in the system enjoy the following fields of mechanical engineering: chemical and petrochemical machinery, boiler construction, nuclear machinery, machinery for food industry.


The product contains All-Russian and multinational classifiers, complete directory of national standards of Russia, national standards (GOST, GOST R, ST, SEV etc.) for products of mechanical engineering, manufacturing processes, compounds, gear and instruments, documents on standardization, metrology and measurements (GOST, GOST R, R, PR, RTM), industry standards (RD, OST), articles and reviews. Also it includes glossary of mechanical engineering and industrial catalogues (data on gear and products produced by enterprises in Russia and CIS).


Techexpert: Industrial Safety


Techexpert: Industrial Safety product is created for enterprises and organizations in charge of design, construction, maintenance, renovation, technical rearmament, conservation and liquidation of hazardous production facilities. Also it serves as a useful reference tool for organizations which maintain technological, ecological and nuclear supervision over hazardous production facilities and industrial expertise of such objects.


The product includes general international treaties of the Russian Federation in nuclear energy utilization, federal laws, regulative acts of supreme authorities, supervision bodies of the Russian Federation and USSR on activities of enterprises, that utilize hazardous production facilities. Of special interest in this product is a collection of court practice materials on lawsuits with Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision. To support daily activities of the enterprises utilizing hazardous production facilities, vendor included forms and exemplary documents into the system.


Service «Ask an expert!» is available to all users of this product. Request form and contact data are represented inside the system.


Techexpert: Upkeep of Buildings


Techexpert: Upkeep of Buildings provides user with full range of information on the given topic: data on supervisory authorities, instructions on technical maintenance, schedule preventive works and repairs, regulatory acts, normative-technical documents, court practice on lawsuits connected with upkeep of buildings.


In the focus of users' attention lay recommendations on upkeep of buildings, covering such actual issues, as general structure of real estate management, creation of management company, peculiarities of management of residential real estate, tendering process for design and construction works, for supply of materials and equipment.


Techexpert: FES


Techexpert: FES information database consists of four sections: «Legal Regulations in Fuel and Energy Sector», «Techexpert: Gas Sector», "Techexpert: Electrical Energy Sector», and «Techexpert: Filling Stations». «Techexpert: Legal Regulations in Fuel and Energy Sector» contains official documents of the Russian Federation, regulating the work of companies and organizations within the fuel and energy sector. Techexpert: Gas Sector contains normative and technical documents regulating specifically the work of gas sector enterprises of the Russian Federation. Techexpert: «Electrical Energy Sector is intended for enterprises and organizations in the electrical energy sector of Russia and contains documents regulating the work of the electrical energy sector. Techexpert: Filling Stations is intended for managers and staff of gas stations.


 Techexpert: Telecom


Techexpert: Telecom is a unique electronic library of regulatory and normative-technical acts on telecom industry. The system highlights key issues of telecom companies operation, covers order of supervision over telecom sector, rules of construction and maintenance of buildings and constructions, provision of telecom services.