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Information Channel
on Technical Regulation in Russia
Национальный центр распространения
информации ЕЭК ООН
Consortium «Kodeks». Legislation, comments, consultations, judicial practice

Techexpert Information Network services

Electronic Systems of Normative and Technical Information "Techexpert"


Electronic Systems of Normative and Technical Information "Techexpert" are the most complete and regularly updated collections on technical regulation required for engineers, design engineers, quality insurance managers, metrologists, bookkeepers, lawyers, specialists in labor protection, industrial safety, fire safety, environment control and specialists in other fields of activity.


"Techexpert" systems contain normative and technical documentation (State Standards, Russian State Standards, Construction Norms and Procedures, Enterprise Standards, State Estimate Standards, Federal Pricing Unit Norms, Territorial Pricing Unit Norms, State Norms, Sanitary Norms and Regulations, etc.), which determine the norms, rules and requirements for certain sectors of economy. Techexpert systems also include normative and legal acts of various bodies of authority of the Russian Federation, technological and reference information (templates of technological maps, operation sequences, and materials for own projects, construction document forms, dictionaries with definitions, dispute resolution practice manuals) and other essential data.


Depending on the topic, all documents and materials have been structured into informational products according to the sector they cover.  Most products do not have any analogues on the Russian market.  


Techexpert product range includes following systems:


1. Inter-branch systems:


- Classifiers of Russia

- Norms, Rules and Standards of Russia

- Techexpert: Ecology. Prof

- Techexpert: Labor Protection

- Reform of technical regulation

- Enterprise and Inspector

- Techexpert: Fire Safety

- Techexpert: Product and quality management


2. Specialized (branch) reference systems:


- Lawyer's Assistant: Construction

- Techexpert: Design Engineer's Assistant

- Construction Expert (Strojexpert)

- Construction Norms and Regulations

- Techexpert: Road Construction

- Techexpert: Pricing and Budgeting

- Construction Technologist (Strojtechnolog)

- Construction Resource (Strojresurs)

- Construction Resource: Price. Moscow and Moscow region

- Exemplary Project Documentation. Building constructions, items and units

- Exemplary Project Documentation. Engineering networks, gear and constructions

- Exemplary Project Documentation. Electric Power Engineering

- Techexpert: Food Industry

- Techexpert: Mechanical Engineering

- Techexpert: Industrial Safety

- Techexpert: Upkeep of Buildings

- Techexpert: Fuel and Energy Sector

- Techexpert: Gas Sector

- Techexpert: Filling Stations

- Techexpert: Telecom


Custom-Made Electronic Collections of Documents


Customers of Techexpert Information Network obtain a unique opportunity to compose their personal custom-made electronic collection of normative and technical documents, selecting State Standards, Construction Norms and Regulations, Sanitary Norms and Regulations, and other documents from the "Index of Norms, Rules and Standards of Russia".


The custom-made manual is based on "Kodeks" software platform, providing its users with a complete search and navigation toolkit.


The electronic "Index of Norms, Rules and Standards of Russia" is a card index of normative and technical documents that are in effect on the territory of Russian Federation.  The annotated edition includes brief information on the document and consequent amendments.  


Access to international, national and industrial standards


Since 2007 Techexpert Information Network provides international, national standards and standards developed by industrial associations. ISO, IEC, ITU, CEN/CENELEC, ETSI, EASC, ANSI, BSI, DIN, GOST R, ANFOR, ASTM, ASME, API, IEEE, SAE.

User is free to choose Index of international standards, that is a comprehensive database of bibliographical information on global industry standards, or subscribe to Topical online collections of standards in certain fields, such as construction, mechanical engineering, Fuel and energy sector, aerospace and defense, automotive industry, electronic engineering, electric engineering etc.


Official publications


Despite from electronic databases, in Techexpert Information Network customer can order a printed copy of any official publication in the sphere of technical regulation (State Standards, Construction Norms and Regulations, Sanitary Norms and Regulations etc.). To choose necessary documents, electronic "Index of Norms, Rules and Standards of Russia" may be implemented.


Official publications arrive to user directly from official distributors of normative and technical documentation, which work on a permanent basis with the Techexpert Information Network, providing new information as it becomes available.  Our partners include Russian Federal Service for Ecological, Technical and Atomic Supervision, Federal Pricing Center (FGU FCCS), Center of Project Products in Construction (CPP JSC), State Unitary Enterprise «National Technology Center of Industrial Safety», and other establishments and organizations.



Development of design documentation on a by-order basis


Techexpert Information Network offers its customers a new service - development of design documentation on individual order which is ready for implementation on a specific facility!


Presently we develop process lists and work production plans on the following work types:

 - construction of highways and corresponding facilities;

 - construction of major pipelines;

 - industrial and civil construction (preparatory works, ground works, pile works, welding works, foundation, building floorings etc).


Also we offer services in value engineering, namely:

- development of estimated accounting prices for construction gear and transport utilization;

 - cost estimating for organization of rotational scheme of operation;

-cost estimating for construction of workers' settlements;

 - cost estimating for relocation of workers' settlements, construction machines, gear and transport.


The service «Development of design documentation» is available to any organization requiring technical documentation. Users of Techexpert information systems enjoy favorable terms. Find detailed information of this service by sending email to of call (812) 740-78-80.


Development of documentation on labor protection on a by-order basis


By addressing an Internet shop of Techexpert Information Network at customer may order individual instructions, teaching and training programs, which are essential within the framework of labor protection activities.


Given service is designed for labour protection engineers and is destined to simplify the work at preparation of instructions, teaching and training programs, to reduce time expenses for search and elaboration of individual documentation.


Professional support line "Ask an expert!"


This service is provided to users of following electronic reference systems of normative and technical information «Techexpert»: Construction Expert, Construction Technologist, Exemplary Project Documentation, Labor Protection, Industrial Safety, Fire Safety.

All users of the mentioned products can obtain professional consultation on issues which arise in their professional activities and handle experience of their colleagues. Find detailed information in the Techexpert reference systems that support this service.


The CNTD Information Bulletin


The CNTD Information Bulletin is a reference publication of Techexpert Information Network, providing important and timely information on technical regulation to experts working with norms, rules and standards.


Reader of the Bulletin will:


- obtain systematized information on all changes and additions in technical regulation documents;

- get acquainted with opinions of famous experts on topics of interest;

- get to know new documents in technical regulations, standardization and certification.


CNTD Information Bulletin is a joint project of Techexpert Information Network, Committee on Technical Regulation and Conformity Assessment of Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and The Public Chamber.